Resuming business:
Due to the easing of state of emergency policies we are allowed to reopen again : from June 21st (Mon) until July 11th we’ll be open from 5pm til 8pm.
I’m the pro wrestler El Burrito. Today I came to warn all of you Aldgate’s patrons. Even though the state of emergency has been eased up if doesn’t mean you can make a big fuss. You, you over there, dont forget your mask when eating together. If I see any one of yous chitchatting with no masks on I’ll have you in a camel clutch until your bones break.
俺はプロレスラーのEl Burrito だ。今日はオールゲイトの顧客の為に忠告しておく。緊急事態宣言が解除になったからといって、騒いでいいわけではない。おい、おまえ、マスク会食を忘れるなよ。もしマスクを外して、話しているやついたら俺がキャメルクラッチで背骨折れるまで技かけてやるからな。覚えとけ。