The Aldgate 23rd anniversary whisky bottle

As you already know, on August 1st is our 23rd anniversary party. You haven’t forgotten, right? Have you asked for a day off on the 2nd? Have you prepared? It’s party time! Let’s rock!

Drinks, drinks! If you drink, you get a discount. It’s simple as that.
We’ve also prepared two sorts of New England Style IPA, but don’t just sit there comparing, the goal is to drink it all up and not leave a drop. You can get drunk with this live music performance we’ve prepared to blow off this hot summer steam.

Party is from 6pm ‘till there’s a last man standing and there’s no way out.

And we’ve also made the anniversary whisky bottle!
How bad do you want to try it? We’ll give it. Although the content of it is just oolong tea left for ten days in this unbearable weather mixed with water.

For more info on the anniversary party, check out our information here and don’t forget to RSVP on our facebook event page here.

The Aldgate 23周年記念ウイスキーボトル

8月1日(水)は23周年パーティーだ。みんな忘れてないよな。2日は休暇願いだしたか。準備はいいか。 イッツ パーティータイム。レッツ ロック!


New England Styleのビールも2種類つながるが、「飲み比べ」とかちまちまやってないでがぶがぶ飲み干せ。


パーティーは18:00to Last man standing. No way out!




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