We will be donating 20% of the sales on Monday 11th March to the areas affected by the earthquake in 2011!

We must not forget the damages by the earthquake in 2011, and we still can’t say that we’ve recovered from them.
Can’t we at least help somehow even on this day? With that thought we’ll be hosting the event this year as well.
You should all come to The Aldgate as per usual, and drink as hard as you normally would and 20% of that will be donated. We’ll be hosting a live music performance from 8pm and we’ve also prepared a New England Style beer from Tohoku, as well a a light meal to commemorate the occasion.
We get that it’s a Monday, but you could at least raise one glass to the recovery.

*The donations will be made to the Otsuchi Town in Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku.

Drink Hard, Drink Long for Tohoku


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