Sun 11th Mar 2018

Even though it’s already been 7 years since 11th March 2011, we’re just halfway through the recovery and the scars still remain. And we still continue to offer our support even though we’re not able to do much. This year as well the Aldgate will host a party to raise funds for areas of Japan affected by earthquake and tsunami and donate 20% of revenue & tips to earthquake recovery efforts. Drink Hard, Drink Long for Tohoku! *Special Live Acoustic Music *Light meal service @7pm *Tohoku beer on Tap. *We will open a keg of New England style beer on March 11th – don’t miss it!


東日本大震災復興支援パーティー 2011年3月11日から7年、未だ復興半ばで傷跡は残ったままだ。我々は復興できるよう微力ながら支援を続けております。今年も支援パーティーを開催いたします。皆様は来て飲食していただければ、売上の20%を支援に回すシステムです。酒飲みの為の支援の方法がある。がんがん飲んで募金だ!


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