Every year we get bashed because “Aldgate is a British pub, not Irish, you people are just jumping on the bandwagon”, blah blah. So what, Japanese people aren’t even Christian but they celebrate Christmas, don’t they?

That’s why we’re throwing another St. Patrick’s Day Party this year as well. Get yourself intoxicated by the Celtic music, which is so different from the usual Aldgate’s playlist, and by the delicious beer. We will be live-streaming the 6 Nations game, (BEHOLD!) England vs. Ireland as well, so let’s get crazy!

Guinness, Jameson & Baileys are ¥200 OFF!

So guess what! You can have as many Irish Bombs as you want! Just kidding, let’s not make this into a blasphemy.

317() St.Patrick’s Day Party

毎年「Aldgateはブリティッシュパブでアイリッシュじゃない。便乗商売だ!」と、ご批判殺到しておりますが、日本人だってキリスト教徒でもないのに、クリスマス祝うだろ。だからセントパトリックスデーパーティー開催。いつものオールゲイトとは違う、ケルトミュージックに酔いしれ、おいしいビールをたんまり召し上がれ。その日はRugby 6 Nations (なんと!)England v Irelandの放映も予定しているからもりあがろうぜ。

Guinness, Jameson & Baileys ¥200 OFF!

Whack fol de daddy-o,

Whack fol de daddy-o,

There’s whiskey in the jar


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