It is actually called Baird Beard Beer IPA.

If you’re at a disadvantage, growing that unpopular beer among your co-workers, boss or even your partner?, then BOY, do we got some new for you! In this age, a beard is very cool. So, with this we decided to release BEARD BEER meant only for the bearded chosen few! It’s an exclusive beer which you cannot buy without an apparent proof in a form of facial hair. What’s more, this is an exclusive collaboration with the Baird Brewery (and it’s not our only one, Jack the Ripper I.P.A. for example), sold exclusively at the ALDGATE. Bearded ones, UNITE! Also, ladies who are into facial hair, you too, unite!


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その名もBaird Beard Beer IPA

万人受けではない髭をはやしていることで、汚がられたり、嫌がられたりして少し損はしていないだろうか?そんな貴方に朗報。今、髭がかっこいい。当店では髭専用ビールを発売。髭がないとのめない特別なビールだ。Bairdブリュワリーとのコラボビールで当店のみ販売。髭面集合!ついでに髭好き女子も集合!! 2018321日(水)から春限定で販売開始


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